About Us

Gingerbread was founded in 1973 by Margaret Caron. Cathy Morin (her daughter) took it over upon her retirement in 2009. Cathy has been an ECE since 1998.

Gingerbread has been fortunate to employ experienced, dedicated staff, some who have been with Gingerbread for over 20+ years!


Gingerbread Preschool And Daycare Philosophy Statement

Gingerbread is an exciting place for creative and independent thinkers and a place where children explore the rich possibilities of childhood. We have a genuine vision for early childhood education with clear ethical standpoints, philosophies and are constantly researching and experimenting with new innovative ideas to ensure best quality practice. Margaret Caron, the founder of Gingerbread, believed that you need to "create your own culture" in your centre. With this in mind, we incorporate ideas and philosophies from many centres around the world including Reggio Emilia and New Zealand, among others.

Our vision is to be able to inspire, create and explore our children's world through their eyes, and for them to discover and find their place amongst it. We are dedicated to creating stimulating play-based learning environments for young children. The foundation to our practice is viewing all children as competent, capable, creative, responsible, resourceful and resilient.

Using a balanced approach that combines both teacher-facilitated and child-centred experiences for the children in our care, we strongly believe that children reach their fullest potential by developing a positive self-concept through materials and activities incorporated within our daily schedule. As educators, we will serve as positive role models creating an environment that is safe, warm and nurturing.

Gingerbread's philosophy is continually evolving to reflect the needs of our children, families and the community, and to being a contemporary leader in early childhood education.