Gingerbread Preschool Policies and Procedures

General Policies Active Play Policy Care and Supervision Policy Guidance and Discipline Policy

General Policies

All children must be vaccinated to attend preschool.

In order to provide the best possible service to your children, please observe the following:

  1. Accompany your child right into the preschool so that the staff can convey any necessary information either verbally or through newsletters or posted notices. Car pool parents, please pass information relevant to the preschool personally to other parents in your pool.
  2. On arrival, it is important that you stay with your child until a teacher is present. Do not assume other parents will supervise your child.
  3. At pick-up time, please remain in the cubby room area if story time is still in progress. Children should be picked up promptly at the end of the session.
  4. Children are required to bring indoor shoes/slippers that have a good rubber sole that will stay at the preschool as well as a complete change of clothing. If your child is not toilet trained, we need to have a supply of diapers and wipes.
  5. Please remember to label all articles of clothing, boots, food containers, snack bags, diapers, wipes, etc.
  6. Children are to be dressed in appropriate play clothing. Short sleeves are helpful for art work and water play. Layering works well in winter months. Children wear smocks for artwork but paint and food color may still get on clothing. With the onset of cool weather in October, please provide your child with pull-on boots rather than shoes.
  7. For the safety of children with possible allergies to nuts, we ask that no peanut butter or nuts be part of snack.
  8. Snacks/Lunches
    1. 3 Hour Session: A snack is to be sent with your child. Please make the as wholesome as possible (e.g. vegetable sticks, fruit, cheese, crackers, etc.) To encourage children to drink water, we ask that no juice/milk be included in the snack. Please send a filled labeled water bottle that comes and goes each day in your child's snack bag.
    2. 6 Hour Session: Please send 2 snacks and a lunch in a lunch bag with an ice pack. Please make the snack/lunch as wholesome as possible (e.g. vegetable sticks, fruit, cheese, crackers, etc.) Please include a protein choice for morning snack (i.e. yogurt, cheese, etc.) as well as a protein choice included for lunch. Please send a filled labeled water bottle that comes and goes each day in your child's lunch bag.
  9. Parents are required to have planned for alternate care for their child in the event of illness. Please be sensitive to others in the preschool when deciding whether your child is well enough to come. Children need to be symptom free for 24 hours in the case of fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting. If your child is starting antibiotics, they need to be on them for 48 hours before returning to preschool. All children in the preschool will be required to be well enough to participate outdoors as well as in. Parents or persons on the child's emergency contact list will be called if your child becomes sick while at preschool.
  10. The Preschool has a very “open door” policy and parents are encouraged to visit during regular hours. The Supervisor welcomes questions regarding your child's progress at any time before or after the session or an appointment can be arranged for a lengthier discussion.
  11. The Preschool will observe all major public holidays and school vacations (we are only closed for one week for Spring Break). We are still in session on “Pro D” days.
  12. Fees are due at the beginning of each month with Direct Withdrawal being the preferred method of payment. As per the Direct Withdrawal Form, fees will be withdrawn on the first business day of the month. A written letter of withdrawal must be received 30 days prior to the next withdrawal date. Post-dated cheques or cash are also accepted. Due to banking regulations, cheques must be made payable to “Gingerbread Preschool and Daycare Ltd.” (We have a stamp if you prefer). If 2 siblings are registered you may arrange one payment for both. Receipts for cash will be given immediately and tax receipts will be given out in January and June upon request.
  13. An NSF charge of $42.00 will be required for any NSF cheque.
  14. Fees must be paid in full each month regardless of days absent. There will be no exceptions in this regard.
  15. A months' written notice or a months' fees if you choose to withdraw your child. Gingerbread Preschool and Daycare Ltd. reserves the right to ask a child to be withdrawn with a months' notice or a months' fees.
  16. The Preschool must be provided with a copy of any court custody orders.
  17. Gingerbread Preschool staff are not responsible for siblings in the daycare or out in the playground. Parents must have siblings in eyesight and they must be supervised at all times.

Active Play Policy

Policy Statement

Gingerbread Preschool recognizes the importance of physical activity for young children. Implementation of appropriate physical activity practices supports the health and development of children in care, as well as assisting in establishing positive lifestyle habits for the future.

Physical Activity In Childcare

Gingerbread has a large playground and inside space. We have equipment, materials, facilitated and un-facilitated play that promotes and fosters physical literacy for young children both outdoors and indoors.

Children in our 3's preschool program have a minimum of 45 minutes of outside time during our 2.5 hour session.

Children in our 4's preschool program have a minimum of 45-55 minutes of outside time during our 3 hour session.

Screen Time

There is no screen time during preschool sessions.

Care and Supervision Policy

Supervision is one of the key requirements in the prevention of accidents and injury throughout the centre. Childcare staff require the skills to be able to assess potential risks during supervision and be able to implement changes to supervision to avoid accident or injury. New and relief staff should be informed of potential supervisory risks according to each individual child in a confidential and sensitive way.



Parents will:

Staff will:

Management will:

Guidance and Discipline Policy

Discipline is consistent for each child in order to promote a sense of security and avoid children testing to find where the limits are. Expectations will reflect the age of the child, level of maturity and staffs' understanding of any mitigating circumstances regarding child's development. Staff share observations daily celebrating growth and development as it occurs. Knowledge of child development and strong observational skills are key attributes for staff in prevention of discipline issues. Safety is the paramount consideration and takes precedence over everything. Safety prevention through anticipation of outcomes.


  1. Clear and consistent limits including what is expected and what is not allowed. Straight forward explanations stated in a positive way. Focus on behaviour rather than the child.
  2. Stating what is expected rather than posing a question.
  3. Provide choices and allow children time to respond.
  4. Reinforce appropriate behaviour.
  5. Ignore minor incidents that do not impart on others.
  6. Remind and clarify.


  1. Redirection when appropriate.
  2. Model problem solving.
  3. Offer choices.
  4. Logical and natural consequences.